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01 Broadcast’s announcement
02 Fatima 1917
03 Inviting children to pray
04 Information about” The School Army of the Rosary”...
05 Reflections of the school’s catechists
06 Song "I'm your ..."
07 The main purpose of the prayer
08 Modern dangers
09 The intentions of our prayers
10 Quotes from Scripture
11 Song "I'm your ..."
12 Rosary in my life
13 The Virgin Mary’s favours in family’s life
14 The poem "Soldiers of Mary"

15 Music and preview of the part II
16 Alcohol and cigarettes
17 Drug addictions
18 Sects
19 Satanism
20 Rock music - heavy metal
21 Videos and computer games
22 New Age and Eastern religions
23 Song "What will be as the time passes" (I part.)
24 Where does evil come from?
25 Holy Scripture about the dangers
26 Song "What will be as the time passes" (II part.)

28 Music and preview of the part III
29 the Virgin Mary’s calling the world
30 The Virgin Mary’s victory
31 Rosary’s certificates
32 Blue text messages
33 Song "Rampart"
34 Reflections
35 Prayer "Hail Mary"
36 Prayer to the Holy Spirit
37 Completion

38 Preview of the Part IV
39 Szar’s regulations
  Background music for the songs
40 I'm your soldier (background music for the songs)
42 Rampart (background music for the songs)