Proposed community prayer.

Music and implementation of sound-Andrew Slupski

There may be a day when you do not have the strength to pray Rosary . Under the circumstances our advice is:
1) Select for example, "Rosary with children"
2) At the background of the music, proceed as follows:
a) Ask Mary to be with you
b) Tell Mary in what intentions you want to pray
3) Pray the first ten Rosary’s prayers with the group
4) At the end of the background music, stay for a while and thank God and Mary..

In order that our record of the first ten prayers of the Rosary recited in group is not a simple mechanical prayer, we ought to tell Mary:

Mary! Treat the recorded first ten prayers of the Rosary as our actual prayer, together with those who join us. We want to create in this way Rosary’s community, a school’s "family" of which you know everything, but you are waiting for our spiritual initiative.

So we invite you very cordially to a conversation with Mary.

We propose the following order:
a) stand up or kneel
b) invite the entire sky and the souls in Purgatory to pray with us
c) call upon the Holy Spirit through our constant initial prayer:

Holy Spirit, inspire us,
God’s love absorb us,
Show us the right path and lead us.

Mother Mary, look at us,
Bless us with Jesus

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